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About Fort Lee GOP

The purposes of the Fort Lee GOP are to: 1. Foster, advance and inculcate the principles and doctrines of the Republican Party 2. Work for its principles, doctrines and candidates 3. Promote civic welfare and better government 4. Encourage, endorse and advance the candidacy of such candidates for public office as may be acceptable to the membership of the Republican Party. 5. Initiate such action, in keeping with the foregoing, in the best interest of the Borough of Fort Lee, New Jersey. 6. Encourage all registered voters in Fort Lee to actively participate in our form of democracy, and to vote in all primary and general elections

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27 févr. 2022

Interested candidates for Municipal/County Committee and/or Municipal Council? Please reach out to Municipal Chairman, Judith Fisher 201.923.3900 or

Petitions for office can be downloaded at

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